Thursday, November 15, 2012

Learning to Teach Technology????

Technology is all around us, but is it always a good thing.

Sometimes I think not...
However I have realized that even though i'm young I already want to keep the old way instead of adopting the new way. What I am referring to here is TECHNOLOGY IN THE CLASSROOM. I figure that kids should be able to learn the way I DID..

I am learning and have had to open up my mind lately into looking at the overwhelming benefits of technology in the classroom and really accept the studies and facts that show us that technology is really helping kids today learn.
I have had to ask myself one really tough question.

Do I really want my kids to learn the best way possible??

Of course my answer is yes, but my reasoning sometimes points to no.

I have to realize that my own bias toward my education is getting in the way of having an open mind to what is helping the children of today. I need to remember that the OLD way is not always the BEST way.

Learning to Teach... its an INTERESTING Idea...

How are you biased in your room??
DO you want kids to learn and are you really taking the appropriate steps..

I was not and I have had to begin a long process of change.. Will you?

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Digital Citizenship

I think that digital citizenship is the responsibilites, priveledges, and rights that we all share in and through digital media. Digital citizenship also includes not incringing upon others digital citizenship rights.