Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Grade :)

1. I have really grown this semester because at first I didn't really like the idea of a new way of learning.
2. I have learned that in teaching you need a variety of new ways to learn and diffent technology to be able to teach those varieties.
3. This course has changed me because I was resistant to change before, now not so much.
4. I wish that I would have learned how to really use the smartboard for things like math, and how to do those kinds of lessons, and not game kinds of lessons.
5. I think that I may abandon the blogging as it is more of a hassle then a blessing, but I do however admit that it may be helpful in finding other christian teachers. So in that aspect I can see myself using it.
6. I think that I do really deserve an A because I kept up in my work, and not only in that but I was able to gain a new perspective.

Growth in Educational Technology

This class has really helped me in that I now have the knowlege of tools in which I can better serve my class. I learned helpful programs on the computer that will help me created handouts and workseets for my future class. I also learned how to use lots of new integrated technology ie. ipad, Smartboard. etc.
I have learned that new technology is not necessarily bad but that it can be helpful even if it is not the way we learned.
I think that the content and assignments that we were assigned were really helpful looking back over what I have learned.
I most definitely think that I will continually use this technology in my future classroom unless of course it is outdated by that time.