Monday, October 29, 2012

Technology ahead of itself?

Schools these days are implementing such technology as Smartboards, Ipads, Ipods, and other technology to advance students in their studies. Technology is supposed to improve learning and make it easier and more exciting. Then my question is, why are scores dropping at a ever increasing rate? Is technology the answer to our learning problems?

   In my field studies classroom, the teacher was going to use his Smartboard to cirlce and draw on the imformation that he was presenting to his classroom, but he could not find out how to get the pen funcion of the Smartboard to work. Have teachers had the time to cope with technology or has technology been thrust upon teachers and actually is wasting time, resourses, and decreasing the learning of the students??

  How do we measure the effectivness of this already implemented technology?

 Should we already be pushing for more technology having not even fully mastered the present technology? What is the cost?



                       our Future?

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  1. How do we learn if we don't try? Did he ask a child to help him? Most of us need hands on chances to get it? Did he loose the whole lesson? 5 minutes? I think that technology is ever changing and as teachers, we will forget, it won't work, etc, but it is still worth the risk, the time, and the opportunity! Ask the kids in that class if they hate that he tries or if they are glad he does? If it always messes up or takes away learning time then something needs to change, but if this is just an occasional moment, isn't it possible that his kids were delighted that he messes up just like they do sometimes!