Monday, October 29, 2012

Turning the Tables

I am very interested in the idea of a flipped classroom. The whole concept of a flipped classroom is that the teacher video records his teaching of his lessons, posts them either online or a cd which students watch at home. Then come to class prepared to do teacher assisted homework assignments or to ask questions. I like the idea, especially for mathmatics, that a student may replay and go over the video many times in order to learn the steps. Then come to class knowing the lesson or with educated questions about the lesson taught. The teacher then is able to assist that child better because the student is not left on his own to figure it out but to ask questions and really comprehend the material taught. I like the idea, but is it only viable for math? or is it a good idea for other subjects as well?

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  1. have you researched to find out that answer? we want to know- are there other examples? grade levels? what have you learned about this area that intrigues you?